A quick Myst Book update
2011-01-03 - Riven, Temple island, maps, drawing
So, since I have a lot of free time this year around christmas, I've put in some time into the Riven book. It has been updated with some new content, and the Temple island map has been slightly updated along with one new illustration. Not much, but at least there is some new text.
But I've worked on with the Temple map, and thought I'd post a progress update on it here so you can see how it looks. In fact, I think I'll post two images so you can see the progress more clearly.
First, take a look at how it looks in the current Riven book here, then compare to the two images below.
The entire outline of the island is there now, but the terrain shading isn't done yet. The paths are laid out but not finished. I'm fairly pleased with the color palette so far. Looks earthy and "old" if you like.
Here the terrain shading is almost complete. Note the highlight color on the sunlit parts of the island. The paths are more complete and I've started coloring some landmarks. It's far from finished, but I've come a fair bit on the way.
I love these "in progress" images for other projects, and I can imagine that it could be quite fun to revisit these images later on.
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