My IPad wish list
2010-06-17 - apple, ipad

Ok, so there has been a lot of iPad-talk from me lately, you have to put up with it. I just wanted to compile a small iPad wish list of things I hope to see in future upgrades

  • Obviously full support of iOS 4 with folders, multitasking, etc, etc.
  • Cloud-based storage. So I can use the files on my iDisk, for example, or anything else. This should be a functionality that each app can use.
  • Network Navigator, even for file Open/Save "dialog" or what you'd call it. I want to see my local Macs and save and open files on them.
  • Spelling. Not only suggestions as I write, but also squiggly red lines, and support for multiple languages of course.
  • Printer Support. Even if it's through printer sharing in the Mac and not a direct connection. If there is a Mac on the network that share a printer I should be able to print documents and photos on it.
  • Media editing. The iPhone 4 supports iMovie for iPhone, which is good, but I want to be able to edit my iTunes playlists (which I think will be there in iOS 4), iPhoto-like editing of photos and even create new albums, edit titles, assign keywords and so on.
  • Remote control app from the iPhone.
  • Widgets. Press and hold the Home button could display a dashboard-like layer with customizable widgets.
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